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From the Peony Pavilion to traditional Chinese living

June 5, 2016

Genesis Beijing collaborated with Kunmeiji, a promoter of the art of Kunqu opera, to host a series of talks on Chinese culture at Genesis Beijing. The event featured a dialogue between Liu Yang – an apprentice of celebrated Beijing opera performer Mei Baojiu and an associate professor at the Chinese performing arts middle school attached to the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts – and Chi Jun, deputy director of the National Peking Opera Company's creative department and the secretary of the China Meilanfang Cultural Research Association. Opening with a discussion on the Kunqu opera by Ming dynasty playwright Tang Xianzu, the pair explored the art of traditional Chinese living as presented by operas from The Peony Pavilion through to today.

“Rubber Duck” artist Hofman:“I want to make the world smaller”

March 29, 2016

Genesis Beijing invited Dutch conceptual artist Florentijn Hofman to talk on March 29. Celebrated for his unorthodox style, Hofman was the creator of the world-famous inflatable Rubber Duck art installations. The event formed part of the Dutch Creativity Tour and was held in conjunction with the Netherlands Embassy, China.

The Terada Mokei design series:1:100 scale models of everyday life in the capital

January 10, 2016

Genesis Beijing and the Japan Foundation joined forces for this event, inviting Japanese architect and designer Naoki Terada and his miniature army of paper models for a series of lectures and a workshop. Naoki Terada helped Beijing-based designers, people in business, students, and homemakers explore the joys and sorrows of the 21+ million residents of this ancient capital, creating models of city scenes at a hundredth of their actual size.

The Gong Fu Connection:a screening by British director Ted Duran

December 3, 2015

Genesis Beijing and the British Council in China joined forces on December 3 last year to present budding British film director Ted Duran’s debut movie The Gong Fu Connection. The short, which is the first to be produced under the UK-China film co-production agreement, was presented in front of an audience made up of Chinese film enthusiasts, British Council staff, members of the film industry, critics and arts reporters, all of whom gathered to watch and contemplate the film’s reflections on China’s traditional culture.

The North Pole through the eyes of a Norwegian photographer:Man and Nature

September 25, 2015

Norwegian photographer Christian Houge visited Genesis Beijing on September 25 to give a talk entitled:“The North Pole through the eyes of a photographer:Man and nature”.A joint collaboration between the Norwegian Embassy and Genesis Beijing,Houge was able to share during the event some of the images and impressions he has collected over his 15 years of work,as well as some of the questions and uncertainties he met along the way.

Genesis Beijing and Harvard Business Review:Discussing the “New Commercial Civilization”

August 31, 2015

In collaboration with the Chinese Harvard Business Review, Genesis Beijing invited the heads of leading enterprises, professors of Business Administration, and one hundred business leaders to discuss the emergence of a ‘new commercial civilization’ – as characterized by a consumer-led, internet-based economy. The discussion covered a number of questions such as:‘What are the current trends and where are they headed?’, ‘What value can be unlocked?’, ‘What will companies of the future care about?’, ‘In an era of great change, what ecosystems will emerge in the new commercial civilization?’ And, ‘What will happen when commercial capabilities clash with human sensibilities?’

Modern Sinologist Guy Alitto discusses The Last Confucian:Liang Shuming and the Chinese Dilemma of Modernity

August 27, 2015

Guy Alitto gave a reading on August 27 at Genesis Beijing from his book The Last Confucian:Liang Shuming and the Chinese Dilemma of Modernity.A tenured professor at the University of Chicago and rated as the foremost scholar of Liang Shuming,Alitto is one of the most influential Sinologists of today.The event provided the opportunity for Alitto and Liang Qinning–grandson of Liang Shuming and promoter and curator of his grandfather’s philosophy and legacy–to reflect together on the legendary life of the philosopher.

The Qin Cuts Deep:Accomplished contemporary young musician Wu Na talks guqin

June 26, 2015

Scholars of traditional Chinese stringed instruments gathered on June 26 at Genesis Beijing for an appreciation of the guqin – a type of Chinese zither. At the event – titled The Qin Cuts Deep – Wu Na discussed her life as one of the youngest and most accomplished guqin musicians, as well as her work introducing the instrument to audiences abroad. She also gave guests a chance to savor the sounds of the zither as it resonated through the summer air of Beijing that evening.

A meeting with Oscar short film director Mat Kirkby

April 19, 2015

Mat Kirkby, director of the Oscar-winning short film The Phone Call,visited Genesis Beijing for the 5th Beijing International Film Festival during what was his very first trip to China. Accompanied by Carter Pilcher – chief executive of British company Shorts International – Mat and Chinese film fans made the most of this intimate setting to take part in a critique of recent short films.


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